About the company

Amicotube specializes in manufacturing and fitting of cardboard tubes for industrial, construction and packaging applications according to customers’ needs.

The company markets its products for a wide range of industries, including: agriculture, pharma, food, paper, flexible packaging , print, textile, nonwoven Non-woven fabric, the construction sector and others.

Amico Ltd. was established in 1948. In 1984 the company was acquired by Kibbutz Ginegar and relocated its activity there. In 2003, it merged with Tubikart under the subsidiary Amicotube Ltd.

 Amicotube was purchased by Yamaton Group specializes in creative packaging solutions.

Amicotube operates at two manufacturing sites, one at Kibbutz Gvaram in southern Israel, and the other at Kibbutz Ginegar in the North.

The company’s customers choose us as a strategic supplier because of our strong reputation gained over the years owing to the company’s high-standard solutions, quality of products, variety in manufacturing options and level of service.

This achievement is owing to the management’s attention to customer needs and a skilled, devoted work team that puts customer requests into action.

Over the years, the company has believed that our challenge is the customer’s solution, and as a matter of strategy, the company has made large investments each year in:

  • Team development
  • Market surveys
  • Procuring new equipment
  • Upgrading of manufacturing layouts and infrastructures
  • New technologies
  • Operational improvements

These efforts have been made to ensure constant improvement in performance.



Amicotube Ltd purchased by Yamaton Group


Introduction of a Tube Polishing and Coating Line



Tubes of 5000N strength are developed


Implementation of a five year plan and procurement of state of the art production lines, introduction of new technologies, developing unique curing rooms and packing layouts


Entering the Cardboard Corners Market


A 2,000 m2 finished product warehouse is built


Amicotube Ltd. is established, following Amico’s merger with Tubikart Ltd.



The company’s first export shipment


The company starts to manufacture Cardboard Molds for Casting of Concrete Pillars



Amico is acquired by Kibbutz Ginegar.


Amico is established in the city Ramat Gan, becoming one of Israel’s industrial pioneers, specializing in Spiral Cardboard Tubes

Company management

JULIO CAPLUNIK CEO julio@amico.co.il
Benji Oren VP Marketing and Sales benji@amico.co.il
Miki Cohen Director of Finance
Asaf Ezer Director of Engineering
Gil Dassa Director of Operations
Liza Ifraimov Marketing contacts
Omer Edri Marketing
Ori BER Human resources
Butros Batrice Quality Manager