Amico Pack

Amicotube manufactures eco-friendly cores that are made of cardboard and are based entirely on recycled materials. The hard and durable cores are used in a variety of industrial sectors and applications.

Branded Packing Cases

Amico manufactures tubes for branded packaging. These tubes are used mainly for promotional products and for packing products such as wine, powders, food products, pharma products, cosmetics, games, gifts and more.

Poster Tube

Amico’s Poster Tube is a perfect product for packing of round products that are delivered by air mail.

Hila Cardboard Rolls:

Hila is a unique cardboard sheet for protection and packing use. The product is available in small rolls, allowing you to pack and protect products, and to divide tiers or for use as a partition.

Supports for Packaging

Supports for packing are cardboard rolls that are used for reinforcing packing cases, allowing improvement in vertical loading and storage in multiple tiers.

E-commerce in the last decade has greatly increased the demand for B2C packing products. Many companies, large and small alike, have adapted themselves to this trend, which has resulted in great demand for cardboard packaging, with great importance for quality, size availability and weight.

Amico has adapted itself with an ability to provide solution in a number of fields, which include: protective cardboard corners, cardboard rolls for posters and printing plates, tubes for Judaica, branded tubes, Hila brand cardboard rolls for separation and protection purposes, tubes with caps, and a whole range of products made of recycled materials.

To adjust to this market, we have introduced our Amico City activity, which allows us to provide solutions for smaller needs and distribute products nationwide.

Amico considers this sector to be a growing niche, and tries to provide a solution to as many requests as possible to adapt our products as smart packaging materials for customers.