Hila is a unique cardboard sheet for protection and packing use. The product is available in small rolls, allowing you to pack and protect products, and to divide tiers or for use as a partition.

The product is a unique recycled cardboard that we have devised after a development process with our customers. It is considered an environmentally friendly, lightweight and thin product that provides excellent protection.

Amico’s Hila cardboard can serve as a replacement or supplement to more familiar protective products such as: blister wrap, corrugated cardboard, plastic trays, expanded polystyrene and wood, for a wide range of products and applications.

It is easy to cut, fold and fit on site to your needs and affords excellent products.

Due to the increase in demand for this cardboard, we are examining supplementary products for this product in order to serve you as a supplier of smart, environmentally friendly packing solutions.