GREEN TOP TUBE lightweight molds are used for engineering and decorative applications.
GREEN TOP TUBE excels in great strength, reliability and the ability to withstand concrete casting, improving work time efficiency.

The mold is stable, keeps its shape well, resulting in a smooth, homogeneous concrete surface. Molds are lightweight, very easy to handle, convenient to install and to remove after use.

The GREEN TOP TUBE mold is made of recycled cardboard containing a uniquely developed polymer lining that protects the cardboard during concrete casting, allowing for slow, controlled curing.

Advantages of Amico’s GREEN TOP TUBE molds:

o Smooth finish.
o Optimal concrete curing.
o No need for stucco.
o Does not stick to concrete.
o Easy to install and remove.
o Saves time and money.

Molds are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths, according to customer requirements.