Amico’s GREEN BASE TUBE is used for casting of foundations

Owing to the great importance of professional foundation construction, we have developed GREEN BASE TUBE with inputs from professionals in the construction trade.

This mold is unique and permits casting of round foundations and reduction of extraction forces that act on the structure, thus reducing the potential for cracks and soil damage. The decision to use GREEN BASE TUBE for foundation casting is made by a soil consultant or qualified engineer.

GREEN BASE TUBE is made of recycled cardboard containing a polymer lining that protects the cardboard during concrete casting, allowing for slow, controlled curing.


The advantages of GREEN BASE TUBE:


  • Prevention of landslides and clogging of the borehole.
  • Prevention of fungi in foundations.
  • Reduction of extraction forces.
  • Eliminating the need for scaffolding and molds for foundations.
  • Option for precisely and simply determining the required casting height.
  • Prevention of concrete escape.
  • A readily available, easy to shape product, resulting in cost savings for contractors.


Molds are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters, according to customer requirements.