The agriculture sector is one of the Israel’s national symbols associated with its flag, from orange growers to a global power in the field of agricultural technologies, including water, irrigation, pest control, planting and seeds, crop tracking, adaptation of strains to soil and weather conditions.

This sector includes leading Israeli companies with worldwide activity that are primarily oriented towards the export market.

Amico’s cardboard tubes are used by agricultural input manufacturers that pack their products in rolls, such as: sheets for greenhouses, ropes, trellis wires, soil covering sheets and more. Our products specifically designed with focus on suitability for moisture and damp conditions, container storage duration and outdoor storage conditions, posing a major development challenge for us.

The company has redeveloped and adapted some of its products to provide a better solution than ordinary tubes.

Our products are considered to be the highest quality, with the highest strength to weight ratios in the industry.

Our experience allows us to provide you with the most correct and effective product, satisfying strength requirements, being suitable for the end customers use, export stages and different weather conditions at your export destinations, and in particular availability in a range of dimensions that are in demand in the industry.

Due to the importance of protecting the environment, all agricultural products are made of recycled raw materials and recyclable organic glues.


Product name Diameter Thickness Length Grinding force
Amicotech 3 77.5 mm 15 mm customer specifications ‎4400 N +
Amicotech 3 77 mm 5 mm customer specifications ‎750 N +