The company manufactures a very wide range of cardboard tubes in varying diameters, thicknesses and widths for all manufacturers of labels, stickers and adhesive tapes in Israel. These products go through a number of manufacturing processes to ensure precision and a finish level that will allow our customers to roll their products more quickly.

Today we deliver to more than 100 different manufacturers in the industry, and more than 300 different products from 25.7 mm to 254 mm diameter.

Tubes may be ordered in a branded, differentiated form, as rings of final size or as master tubes for cutting at the customer’s premises.

Most products in the industry are thin walled. Owing to the importance of providing a high quality product, we manufacture different product groups with a greater level of flexibility, providing a unique solution for the sector.

Amico has the highest level of availability and distribution ability to provide a solution for varying needs in the sector and for covering the geographic spread of manufacturers in the labels and stickers markets.